WhatsApp Mod APK Download Latest Versions 2022

Whatsapp Mod Apk is one of the best modified social media apps across the board. It is widely used by all ages of people. Due to its innovative features, it connects people to each other. It lets you call your friends, family members, or colleagues no matter where you are. For instance, if your loved ones live in another country and want to call them, you can do so. Even this app allows you to video call so you can see the faces of others. Not only that, there are lots of features other than calling. It is the most instant way to send text globally. 

It is one of the top-ranking apps. Also, it is reported that a billion people have downloaded this app. You can download it from our website without paying any charges. Moreover, there is nothing to worry about its privacy. Let us tell you the extra features you need to know about for the baixar WhatsApp mod apk.

WhatsApp Mod APK

Which is the Best Whatsapp Mod Apk?

Here are some mods:

GB WhatsApp

The GB Whatsapp is the no 1 WhatsApp mod apk. It comes with lots of features and lets you get a great alternative. One of the best features is the transfer for your golem. Recently, this mod is getting lots of features. It provides you with chat, video calling, and much more. Additionally, it provides you the ease of sharing locations, documents, contacts, and more.

WhatsApp Gold

Out of the fantastic mods, Whatsapp Gold provides lots of features. It ensures a smooth way of communication that you need. Using the WG, you can experience it in a better way for your friends, families, and other loved ones. Out of its amazing features, it has been superior to customize your revel in the supply of different themes, chats, options, and more.

WA Tweaker

Out of the best Whatsapp mods apk, whatsapp Terbaik is small and comes with improved features. It releases many capabilities that you want. It has locked many features to get the maximum effective like-minded with the beta version. 

Moreover, it provides all features unlocked, including hidden functions. There are lots of features in case of you are looking for a bit app. It saves lots of your phone memory and let you get cutting-edge functionality that you need. 


The YOWhatsapp is available to download to access the features that you need. IT comes with modifications that you want in the original version. Best of all, there are lots of additional and powerful features available to choose from.

Not only that, there are lots of developers and websites that provide integration of new features that are not allowed in its original app. It also comes with some features from OG Whatsapp, GB Whatsapp, and Whatsapp Plus mod so you can get a perfect blend. Moreover, there are lots of features that you need to figure out.

Whatsapp Lite 

The whatsapp lite is also a modification mode like the original whatsapp. But there are so many features that are helpful for you. Such as it consumes a small amount of data and takes less space in your system, unlike other models. It ensures less consumption of battery and provides you lots of speed without hanging and interruption.

No matter wherever you are, you can use this mod globally. It ensures a good way of communication and lets you get instant communication worldwide.

Not only is it a perfect model with lots of features but also there are some downsides. There are some adjustments required so you can customize the application in line with their preferences. However, it allows an attractive interface but not completely sure about the privacy.

Whatsapp Lite is the most used app and takes only a small space on your mobile.

FM Whatsapp

Like other mods, the FM Whatsapp is also developed by a third party and comes with an excellent modification. It provides a lot of features that you need to look for. With a variety of functions, you will get the maximum ease that you want. However, this model is not available on the Google Play Store, so that you can download it from other websites. Make sure you are downloading from a trusted source to get rid of hassles.

However, you have to be careful about the downloading steps. Since it is a third party application so don’t 100% sure about its privacy requirements.

Besides that, this mod is excellent and widely used by people because of its unique features. It delivers easy access to features such as online statuses and much more. It also ensures the flexibility of lots of themes and other features.

Whatsapp Prime 

When it comes to whatsapp prime, it ensures a smooth way either you are on video calls or audio calls. It provides an instant connection. That’s why it is broadly used by lots of people across the board.

According to the original app, it is also improving its features grade by grade. It ensures an outstanding performance that you need. For instance, many of us prefer this app so you can get rid of all the hassle facing in other apps.

It is offering free downloading, but it is not available on the Google play store. So you have to download it from reliable websites. It provides more options and true accuracy. 

So if you are looking for a whatsapp mod without limitations or restrictions, then it would be the best way.

OG Whatsapp

OG Whatsapp is offering a simple user interface. It provides a clean way of downloading without processing complicated features. Moreover, it is a secure and reliable app that delivers lots of benefits. There are some reviews that are appreciating about its performance and privacy. Unlike other apps, you don’t need to worry about its privacy terms.

Furthermore, it allows privacy concerning features such as you can see the profile photos. status of those whom you want. These features have made it the dependable messaging app that you need. Several developers have made advanced options so you can get the best user experience that you need. It allows you to see the deleted messages and cover line statuses without any restriction.

Fouad WhatsApp

One of the most demanded modified versions of whatsapp is the Found whatsapp. It provides you the most recent updates with modifications. There are so many features that you need in an improved way, unlike the original app. It includes themes, changing styles, privacy mods, and much more.

Not only that, It is a whatsapp mod apk with an anti-ban with lots of similar terms that other mods have. However, there are some unique features about it, such as changing Emoji stickers variants. It lets you get dedicated themes, and you can change the icon of whatsapp. Moreover, you can change the tick mark styles and show your profile on the home screen.

RA Whatsapp 

Aplikasi Whatsapp mod apk is also known as RA WhatsApp made. It is the improvement of the YO Whatsapp mod that was developed by Fouad Mokdad. However, RA Whatsapp is created by Ridwam Arifin and provides lots of easy to use features. The kumpulan whatsapp mod ensures a simple interface and lots of colors. 


This whatsapp modification comes with a blend of GB whatsapp and Whatsapp Plus. It allows you lots of features that make your experience cool. The aesthetic look and attractive features make you get the most pleasant user experience.

Here are some reasons that people love about it. Such as, it allows you to send large sized videos. You can use it in different theme styles for the interface. You can choose up to 10 unique chat bubbles and 17 check icons. Also, it improves privacy by hiding your connection status.


This mod has a line up of features that you need to know. It comes with exciting functions, such as you can get the most pleasant user experience. It lets you get extensions of the features like the original app. Moreover, there are lots of features that make it cool. It includes share longer stories. You can get a status downloader and control the gestures. It also allows you to have a large length of video support and graphical aspects inspired by Instagram. Moreover, you can modify the text fonts and size with greater control over privacy.

Soula WhatsApp Lite

Soula WhatsApp Lite is the most used app to provide full control over privacy. It ensures a smooth experience even if you have a low speed device. With lots of amazing options, it lets you get new emojis, stickers, and much more.

Best of all, there are lots of features that make it the best mod of Whatsapp. It includes you can send batches of 100 images at a time. It offers excellent compatibility to send up to 100 files in different formats. You can also get all the unlocked features that you want. Moreover, it provides improved security and high speed with expanded privacy.

NS WhatsApp 3D

The NS Whatsapp 3D comes with easy to use interface. There are lots of features that you can view under the header in the most organized way. Best of all, it allows a transparent search bar to see the contact in an elegant way and make you get the best user experience. 

More than that, it allows the navigation button in the new chat so you can easily navigate as well as change the text font. It allows easy settings, and you can set the background images and individual contacts.

Let’s know about kelebihan whatsapp mod apk.

Even though there is nothing to worry about to use modes of whatsapp. Since, there are more attractive features unlike official whatsapp that lets you get a pleasant experience. But there is only one drawback that you have to look. It is privacy. Although, these mods provide great reliability but they are at a small level that makes me a little worried. But similar like third party apps, you can use it with no hassle.

Features of Whatsapp Mod Apk

Here are some attractive features that you will find in Whatsapp Mod Apk. Hopefully, you will love these features!


One of the standout features, this app allows you to share multimedia with anyone whom you want. No matter where the person is living, it allows you to share messages, videos, images, documents, locations, gifs, sticks, and much more. Furthermore, sending documents or messages is end-to-end encrypted. That is to say that no one can read texts except two people, one is the sender, and the second is the receiver.

Free Calls

If you don’t want to pay the bill for your landline phone, then it is a perfect deal for you. The best WhatsApp mod apk 2021 allows you to call anybody for endless hours. There is no single penny that you need to pay. The perbarui WhatsApp mod provides you two ways for calls. Either you can make an audio call or video call to your loved ones. There is no single buck you have to pay. Best of all, it ensures full HD quality of the video so you can see the face. It is frequently improving its calling experience. Such as, after each call, you can send feedback so they can improve according to your requirements.

Unlike traditional calls, WhatsApp mod apk free download allows you to call with more than one person at a time. Now you can call with 4 friends at a time. Even you can call in a group to get connected to your friends.

Group Chat

Best of all, it allows you to create groups, Yes, you can add your friends so you can chat. So you can chat with your friends at a time. Along with chatting, you can send voice notes so everyone can listen. Hence it is an ideal feature of the best Whatsapp mod apk. One of the most amazing features, it is a great way to communicate in groups so you can share files or multimedia with many people at a time and in one place.

Whatsapp Web

More than that, the latest WhatsApp mod apk is not limited to smartphones. It also lets you get Whatsapp Web so you can run on your PCs or laptops. You can run it on a web browser. So you can use your WhatsApp on your PC or laptop and let your mobile on the side table.

No International Charges

Best of all, there is nothing to pay to send messages or make calls internationally. The whatsapp mod apk download latest version allows you to chat with your friends across the board without paying any charges. Even you can take all day long to your loved ones.

Say No to Usernames and Pins

Out of its unique features, there is nothing to bother about completing your profile details. You just need to give your contact number, and it is ready to start chatting with your friends. However, there is an option to set the profile picture. So if you want to set it, then you can edit it. Moreover, there is nothing to worry about entering your age, address, etc., etc.

Always Logged In

Out of its unique features, free download whatsapp mod apk lets you always log in. You don’t need to put a password again and again. This app lets you always logged in. Unlike other social media apps, it doesn’t confuse you about logged in and logged out.

Quickly Connect with Your Contacts

The whatsapp mod apk file download allows you quickly and easily connect with you. There is nothing to worry about delaying messages or calls. It provides an instant connection to whom you want. There is no worry about hard to remember numbers for a long time. You have to dial it, and it is ready instantly to provide an easy connection.

Offline Messages

Other than that, the whatsapp mod apk download 2021 never allows you to miss your notifications. Even if you turn off your phone, it will save your recent messages of calls. It saves the messages or calls or other data until the next time you use the app.

Hide Online Status

Unlike other social media apps, it is a very common and useful feature. The whatsapp mod download latest version 2021 provides you hide the online status from others. If you don’t want to show your status to other people, you can hide it from settings. It lets you turn it off without any hassle. Not only that, it helps you people don’t see when you are online or offline.

Hide Blue Ticks

In the latest whatsapp mod apk download, it allows you to hide the blue ticks. Such as, when you send a message to others, the app automatically double tick (when the other user is online, other it remains a single tick). When the receiver sees the messages, it marks as blue double ticks. So you can know the sent message was seen by another person. In the whatsapp mod apk latest version 2021, you can hide these blue ticks.

Writing Status

Recently, whatsapp mod apk mod has added this feature. Now you can set the status to let people let you know what you are typing or doing anything. You can set it as in document form or set the video. More than that, it enables you to set the privacy option for those who can see your status.

Recording Status

Not only that, writing status, you can set recording statuses. It lets you set the recording and let other people know what you want to share with others.

Sticker Packs

Out of the whatsapp mod apk many features, you can set the sticker pads. This app lets you download cool or trendy sticker pads. Moreover, you can make personal stickers. You can also download the sticker from sticker maker sites.


One of the most dreamed features like whatsapp mod apk original allows you to delete the unwanted chats or other stuff whenever you want. You can use the cleaner easily.


No one wants to see unwanted wallpapers on the screen. This new whatsapp mod allows you to set the wallpaper you love or want to see on the screen. You can even customize the wallpapers from other sites.


The whatsapp mod apk latest version provides auto reply features. Unlike the Whatsapp business app, it allows you to set the auto reply. You can set it from you to the receiver who you want.


Some people love themes to set according to their tastes. Themes are important for those that is why this app has a feature to customize your interface in your way. There are several features but setting the theme according to your style is the interesting one. There are lots of varieties of options that you need to set themes. You can set and upload them using unduh whatsapp mod apk.


Out of the new whatsapp mod apk latest version features, this app lets you customize features. This app allows you to customize the features according to your taste, Such as you can edit the header, chat screen, and other user interface features. Moreover, it allows you to customize the notification of particular message chats and much more.

Sharing Limit

As we have discussed earlier, this app allows you to share multimedia such as photos, videos, and much more. You can send the videos for many minutes longer than the original app. When it comes to the images, it allows you to set the sizes with the original quality of images.


Not only Macam whatsapp mod apk provides excellent features, but it also provides high security. Out of its features for security, it provides you with lock your app. It allows you to set the fingerprint or even pin up the app from unauthorized features. You can set the passwords so you can secure your data.

Logs and History

Whats’ additional? This app allows you to record all your activity such as opening time to closing time. It provides you complete logs and history.

Fonts and Style

Last but not least, this apk whatsapp mod apk allows you to set the fonts and sizes.

How to Download and Install the Whatsapp Mod APK?

Here are some steps that you need to know when it comes to the installation that you need. Before going to installation, make sure you have a stable internet connection so you will not have to face any difficulty. After that, you have to go through these steps:

  1. Download the app by clicking the link given below.
  2. Make sure about the unknown resources. You have to give access. 
  3. Open the APk file and install it.
  4. Accept all the permissions
  5. Lastly, wait for a while, and you are ready.

Above all, these are the steps that you have to carefully follow for the downloading and installing Whatsapp mod ak on your system. If you found any problem, then you can comment below. We are always here to help you.


Is Using WhatsApp MOD APK Safe?

Since we know that whatsapp Mod APK is the modified version of the real app, but it is not available on Google Play Store. It comes with all the features that you found in the original Whatsapp application. But the features come with improved functionality. Indeed, it ensures the high performance that you need. By so far, it is also safe to download on your system without any fear of privacy leakage. Unlike other mods, it doesn’t come with viruses and malware that you make you worry about. However, we have provided its downloading link so that you can install it on your system without paying any single penny.

Can I get Banned Using WhatsApp Mod?

Well, there is no worry about using the modification app. However, the original app can ban you from whatsapp, so you have to keep these points in mind. 

  1. You can be blocked for using the modified version.
  2. You can get reported.
  3. Dealing in children exploitation can get you banned
  4. Doing spam

Is WhatsApp Mod APK legal?

No, it is not legal to use. However, like other third-party apps, you can use it unless you are not doing wrong. But Official whatsapp never allows you.


All in all, We have discussed each and everything about Whatsapp Mod APK. Since, it is a modified version of the official app, so it allows lots of attractive features that you need. Even if you wanted customized features in Whatsapp, then this mod will complete it. We have provided whatsapp mod apk download latest version anti ban link so you can download it. It ensures you are completely free user experience. 

Not only that, there are lots of other mods, that we have discussed. These mods also provide you with tremendous and restricted free experiences that you ever wish to use on official apps. Besides that, if you have any questions, then you can comment below. We are always here to help you.