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AERO WHATSAPP MOD APK is one of the most popular apps in the world, with over a billion active users. With such a massive number of users, it is not surprising that some are not completely satisfied with their functions.

It is why we can find alternatives based on the original app, as in the case of WhatsApp Plus, OGWhatsApp, WhatsApp Transparent, or this AERO WHATSAPP MOD APK  (YoWa). However, you can get hold of your APK and enjoy the extra features added by its developer.

Download Aero WhatsApp Mod APK (Direct Link)



Improve privacy controls and customize your look.

Here are the main features you’ll find in the latest version, which whatsapp mod apk aero updates the features of the two most downloaded versions, 6.90 and 7.15:

Additional privacy features: choose who can call you, visibility of your status if someone can see if you are recording a message, two checkboxes that indicate that a message has receivers …

  • New text fonts.
  • Added Android Oreo emoji.
  • Send any file: APK, ZIP, PDF …
  • User interface with smoother lines.
  • Send files over 700 MB.
  • Productivity improvements that get things done faster than WhatsApp.
  • Special lock mode via PIN, pattern, or fingerprint.
  • Includes all sorts of themes to customize the messaging app interface.
  • Increases the status length to 250 characters.
  • Various emoji packs to choose from.
  • Allows us to use two WhatsApp accounts on one device easily.
  • Allows us to hide notifications that might be annoying to the user.
  • Transfer any files up to 50 MB.
  • The limit for sending videos increases to 1 GB.
  • Photos sent are not compressed, so they do not lose quality.
  • Conversations can be password protected, each one individually.
  • The ability to hide the connection status from our contacts.
  • Includes a widget to simplify specific privacy settings.
  • Like any other APK MOD WhatsApp file, you will not find whatsapp mod apk aero on the official Google Play store against the internet giant’s rules as it bases on the official app code.

However, this does not mean that it is dangerous. Also, its developer states that he is willing to avoid blocking by the official messaging system.

In short, by downloading FMWhatsApp for Android, you install the APK of one of the best WhatsApp mods on a par with others, such as GBWhatsApp, AERO WHATSAPP MOD APK, or WhatsApp Plus. But remember that you need to download the latest version of FMWhatsApp to enjoy the latest features included in the official basic understanding of the instant messaging app for it to work correctly.

Well, there are no comrades in taste and color. Still, this application developer considers GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus as two of the best and professional mods of this Messenger that you can download.

That said, this APK has nothing to envy either of the two. It offers us features and capabilities that will delight all those looking for more flexibility in controlling specific WhatsApp settings.

Download WhatsApp Aero 8.70, the latest update, it will leave you delighted; this update includes new functions such as new themes, states that have tasks that they did not have; for example, you can upload a video with a duration of five minutes and people who use WhatsApp Aero, will be able to see the video during the five minutes, it has a similar form to Instagram.


Sometimes you have told yourself that you need more privacy when you talk on WhatsApp. What do you want a WhatsApp mod with functionalities like the GBWhatsapp? You can download apk for free on this website.

Perhaps you say that the official WhatsApp application lacks functions and especially in terms of privacy. The solution is to download WhatsApp Aero Mod; I am going to explain to you what a

WhatsApp MOD is and all the improvements that the official version of WhatsApp has before it.


Aero WhatsApp Mod latest version 8.70, like GB WhatsApp, WhatsApp aero V8.70 is a masterpiece revived with very elegant little touches, with many limits restrictions that have been eliminated compared to the official WhatsApp, which we downloaded in the Play Store.

The WhatsApp Aero apk for Android is a Mod or a modification of the official WhatsApp, which has a lot of similarity with GB WhatsApp; it is also a WhatsApp mod with many functionalities. Some people call them aero, aeroapp, aero, whatsa0, but always knowing that it is the original aero WhatsApp, the one that is one hundred percent antiban. This WhatsApp has turned out to be one of the complete WhatsApp mods.



With the aero app, you have much more privacy. You can hide the blue ticks; you can hide the second tick, so the person who writes you will not know if the message read or not, the online information can hidden, it will never see if you are online unless you want to, the states, listen to send audio files, “record,” “write,” the aero WhatsApp is an excellent WhatsApp Mod, which helps you to be talking more privately and calmly.


WhatsApp Aero V8.70 can prevent messages sent to you from being deleted; if a person sends you a message and then deletes it, that message will not deletes.

It is something that benefits us a lot. On the other hand, if a person deleted a state, it will not be deleted; it will only be deleted after 24 hours, then even the deleted shape you will see.


The appearance has excellent possibilities of change and identification. You can get the category of “themes,” where you have ten themes of different colors available in the settings.

Also, you will get the “Universal” option, from where you can change the colors of the various sections (background, status bar, navigation bar, among others).

Likewise, you can change the appearance or style, including the variant of emojis, font style, icons, and notification icon.

On the other hand, when you enter the “main screen” option, you will find a way to change the appearance to the top bar.

Likewise, here you will find other options such as activating Instagram style, separating chats and groups, deactivating Info and showing Day / Night mode, showing airplane mode icon, hiding search icon, unread message counter, and among other variety of options that you can activate or deactivate according to your preferences.

There is also the option “put my name,” which is about changing “WhatsApp” by the name of the user on the main screen.

In addition to customizing the top bar, it also makes it possible to customize the floating button, from changing its color and appearance to deactivating it.

And these are just a few of the many look and color change options.


You can activate or deactivate multiple functions from this option, such as view status, contact alert tones, alert duration, alert position, text color, and background color.

Also, from here, you can change the icons of a new chat, camera, Day / Night, search, and many other options.

As for the appearance of the message bubbles and ticks, you can also change the style of views and the bubbles’ style and color. And among these options, you will also be able to change the icons of the deleted messages.


Within this option, it is possible to activate the visualization of the contact’s photo in the chat, which shows the participant’s photo in all messages and in the groups where each participant’s photo will show with their message.

In turn, you will have the freedom to choose the size of these photos and the image’s location, thus choosing that the image displays in the first, last, or all messages.


The widely adjustable and optimized privacy settings (unlike the original app) are among the main reasons for its use.

Thanks to it, any user can remove the message delivery report and ultimately hide their connection status, whether they write or are online.


The AERO WHATSAPP MOD APK has an additional setting with which people can block, according to their wishes, specific calls and video calls.

It considers a filter, limiting incoming calls from specific numbers but without affecting the contact list in any way.


For users who want to keep the contact name of the people they speak to a secret, this setting is perfect.

Since it will not be visible, even when the chat is kept open, it is an additional adjustment and received very well.


As in other mods, this one preserves and has many unlimited themes used in the application.

You admit the personalization and individualization of each conversation, having a wide possibility of choosing and applying wallpapers.


By installing this extension, you can protect any conversation within the app. How? Thanks to its assignment of various security systems, among which passwords and fingerprint detection stand out.


Another way to use AERO WHATSAPP MOD APK, and one that is very useful, is to share files of all types and sizes.

From images and videos, which will retain all their quality, to elements with formats that are not supports by the official presentation.


The first thing to do to install WhatsApp Aero for Android, if you have the original version of the application, is to open the app and go to “settings,” then “chats,” and select the “backup” option, and save it. This so that it is possible to use the same information in WhatsApp Aero.

To download WhatsApp Aero for free, it is necessary to enter the download link to obtain the WhatsApp Aero Apk.

When the file is already downloaded, you will find it in your mobile phone’s downloads folder, where you will click on the application icon, and the installation will automatically begin.

Once it is installed, open the application and continue with the data configuration. You must allow WhatsApp Aero to access your photos and press the “accept and continue” button.

In the next panel that will appear, you must add the phone number, and then it will ask to verify it using a catch. Before finishing this step, you will do the following:

  • Enter your file explorer.
  • Select internal storage.
  • Find the WhatsApp folder and select it.
  • From among the folders that appear, select and copy the folder called DataBase, which is the one that contains the backup.
  • You go back to internal storage, and here creates a new folder where you will paste that backup.
  • After all these steps, we return to the AERO WHATSAPP MOD APK application and verify the code sent, and continue giving the permissions that they request.
  • Following this, the notice that your backup has found will appear on your screen, and we press the “RESTORE” button so that all the information from the previous WhatsApp synchronizes to the new one.

Once the restoration process finishes, you enter the name you will use in the app, and finally, you will have WhatsApp Aero installed for free.


If you already have this mod, but you want to update WhatsApp Aero in its new 2020 version, the first thing you should do is make a backup copy from the application and then delete the application from your mobile phone.

After completing these steps, you must download the file found in the link, the latest WhatsApp Aero version.

Once the file has downloads, you go to the download folder and press the WhatsApp Aero file that you just downloaded, so the installation will automatically begin.

The number continues to add, and the backup is synchronized. And in this way, the application update will install.

Finally, you enter the settings and then the option “permissions,” and you will activate all the permissions that WhatsApp Aero app requests from here. You can access the use of a camera, microphone, contacts, calls, and location.

Aero WhatsApp Mod Apk Requirement?

NameAero WhatsApp Mod Apk
Size48.0 Mb
Android Version4.0+
Last UpdateOne Day Ago


It has already been mentioned that the AERO WHATSAPP MOD APK is an extension of the original WhatsApp; that is, it is an unofficial mod of the latter.

This means that by installing AERO WHATSAPP MOD APK you will enjoy all the features and functionalities of the official program, plus a series of considerable improvements that YoWa presents.

From the optimizations that it inserts, aspects related to the interface and the appearance of the same standout and the settings designed for the users’ privacy, the formats handled in the shipments, and much more.

It was designed and available exclusively for devices (smartphones and tablets) with the Android operating system.

On the other hand, one of the issues to consider about this mod is its reliability and stability; since it launches, it has not presented any problems (bans, locks …).

The AERO WHATSAPP MOD APK , being an extension developed by third parties, which has nothing to do with WhatsApp Inc, it is impossible to get it in the Play Store or install it directly on the computer.

Therefore, to acquire the AERO WHATSAPP MOD APK  for Android, it is necessary to download a file in .apk format from the internet, with which it installs on the device.

This process can be cumbersome since many pages, and servers are not reliable; therefore, there is a way to download AERO WHATSAPP MOD APK  for free, fast, and easy: by clicking here “AERO WHATSAPP MOD APK  download free.”

By pressing the previous access, you will redirect to the download server, where you only have to select the green “Download” button and wait for the process to complete.

In this way, you will have the AERO WHATSAPP MOD APK  APK on the used device. And, although there is no problem in downloading it to any device, it is essential that, afterward, the file is where the app will be used.

It is called “Unknown sources” and is located in the security section of the device’s settings.

After activated, it will be necessary to locate the AERO WHATSAPP MOD APK in APK format within the equipment’s assigned container folder. Usually, it is the one of “Downloads” or “Download.”

When you find it, you can click or press on it; that way, the installation process will begin, which will undoubtedly take a few seconds to prepare the application.

There is a peculiarity regarding the installation of this application, and that is that, unlike other mods, having the original WhatsApp installed simultaneously will not affect the operation of either of the two.

Being one of the significant advantages of this extension since it allows you to use a number for it and a different one for the official version.

Download Aero WhatsApp Mod APK (Direct Link)

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