Black WhatsApp Mod Apk (Dark) Latest Version for Android


Designed with the latest version of  Black WhatsApp Mod Apk allows you to run two WhatsApp simultaneously.

But fortunately, some developers have started developing their own redesigned versions of this app and without consent from the official app, of course. 

Download Black or Dark WhatsApp Mod APK (Direct Link)



Thus, we can find apps like WhatsApp Plus, Black WhatsApp Mod Apk, YOWhatsApp, or OGWhatsApp, to name just a few, that extend the functions and capabilities of the messaging app now owned by Facebook.

And that is exactly what Black Whatsapp mod apk is doing, a development that follows the example of the aforementioned apps to introduce many worthy improvements to expand the capabilities this app offers on smartphones.

It also includes many advanced features.


New privacy configuration so that the user can control aspects such as who can see that he is online, or the ability to turn off the double blue check … and all the latter, with the ability to follow our contacts.

  • The ability to hide buttons such as calls or recording voice messages.
  • The ability to copy the status of our contacts by simply clicking on it.
  • New features for backing up and restoring, and reloading the app.
  • Ban protection.
  • I am removing the application update dialog.
  • The ability to customize the application interface by changing the type and size of the font, its colors, and even make it transparent.
  • Support call
  • To see a hidden opportunity.
  • Privacy options
  • Size: 30MB instead of 16MB video to send
  • Without the ability to send an image 90 times 10
  • Each character maybe 139 characters instead of 250 cases.
  • Statistics counter by the group.
  • No media upload
  • Differences indicate a date when two or more copies are hidden.
  • Payment possibility
  • The program is expected to change the icon and notifications.
  • support for function calls
  • hide you’re (last seen) in
  • mod protection in
  • mod themes and
  • themes servers * change ticks/bubbles Mod style * statistics counter for groups * media viewing without downloading there
  • show online / last seen on the main screen * Send video 30 MB instead of 16 MB that
  • Send 90 images at one time,
  • change your status and add 250 characters instead of 139 characters * the ability to click on links on the chat screen without saving the sender number or group admin number
  • the ability to click on links to your state friends in
  • the ability to embed regular messages and messages in
  • hide name and date when to copy more than one message in
  • ability to copy friends status <br> * change app icon and messages
  • And many other features

Black or Dark WhatsApp Requirment?

NameWhatsApp Dark or Black
Size40.7 MB
Last UpdateOne Day Ago


WhatsApp is the most used instant messaging application in the world, ahead of others like LINE, Facebook Messenger, or Telegram. But this pitch Black Whatsapp Mod Apk does not mean that it is the best or that it meets all the expectations of its users … To be honest, we always feel that it lags behind the innovations and improvements introduced by other applications from the same category.

Download Black or Dark WhatsApp Mod APK (Direct Link)

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