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WAppsApkGB WhatsApp mod apk from Facebook Whatsapp mod allows you to have a business presence on WhatsApp, communicate more effectively with your customers, and help you grow your business.

If you have separate business and personal phone numbers, you can install GB WhatsApp mod apk and WhatsApp Messenger on the same phone and register them under different numbers.

In addition to the features available in WhatsApp Messenger, Whatsapp mod includes creating your company profile to help clients find valuable info – for example, your website, location, or contact info.

Download GB WhatsApp Mod APK (Direct Link)



WhatsApp is one of the most downloaded and used applications worldwide. There are also many developments of accessories designed to expand opportunities chat, and IM applications cannot overcome Posts: cable, LINE, Signal, who, Facebook Messenger …

GB WhatsApp mod was developed by the GB WhatsApp team, which recently replaced Alex Mods, becoming the leading developers of both Gb WhatsApp mod apk and WhatsApp without being their original creators. This mod inspires by these top WhatsApp clients and also Whatsapp, which it was insolently inspired.

In truth, there is not much that stands out from the rest of the mods on this list. Still, it deserves a place in this collection because it works well, is updated frequently, which is even more important to continue enjoying all the new features of the official WhatsApp with our mod. and because it has it all: improved privacy options, more personalization options, a theme store and the elimination of various restrictions.


They may be famous in some places, but not very close to WhatsApp, which has over a billion active users worldwide.


Be more responsive to your customers by using Away messages to indicate when you are out or Welcome messages to send your customers an introductory message when they first send you a message.


You can use Whatsapp mod with a fixed (or fixed) phone number, and your customers can send you a message at that number. During verification, select the “Call me” option to receive the code by phone.


You can use both GB WhatsApp mod apk pro and WhatsApp Messenger on the same phone, but each application must have its unique phone number.


You can more effectively respond to your customers right from your computer’s browser. Whatsapp mod is built on top of WhatsApp Messenger and includes all the features you rely on, such as the ability to send media, free calls *, complimentary international messages *, group chat, offline messages, and more.

Data transfer charges may apply. Contact your provider for details. Note. Once you restore a chat backup from WhatsApp Messenger to GB WhatsApp mod apk android 1, you can no longer restore it to WhatsApp Messenger. If you want to go back, we recommend that you copy the WhatsApp Messenger backup from your phone to your computer before using the Whatsapp mod.


  • The latest version of Gb WhatsApp mod apk is based on the official version of WhatsApp 2.20. 206.24.
  • The backup and restore functionality have improved optimizing speed and adding the ability to use Dropbox and Mega.
  • Added new Broadcast features that you can use to program and send bulk messages.
  • A new notification bar includes in the DND (Do Not Disturb ) MOD – a move that allows you to use the application on airplanes before enabling data transmission without receiving or sending messages.
  • I fixed several issues found in previous versions, including application crashing and other minor bugs.

In addition to the above, new features introduced in previous versions will continue to be fixed, which continue to further compared to the official GB WhatsApp mod apk v6.40 download client and other MODs for Android:

  • Hidden chats or Hide Chats function. Now you can hide chats in the list and access them by clicking on WhatsApp on the main page of the application to access them.
  • Deleting stories on the main screen (you must activate it along with the Settings > Home Screen > Header route ).
  • Find friends function.
  • Video chats for up to 8 people with real-time stickers, effects, and filters.
  • The ability to hide the section of viewed statuses, recent statuses, and disabled statuses in the stories list.
  • Application restart function.
  • Ability to send content up to 300 chats.
  • The ability to archive chats in a three-point menu.
  • I am adding contacts by scanning a barcode.
  • The function of saving profile photos.
  • Photo stickers, including Gif2Stickers.
  • Improved preview of personalized themes.
  • Story limits are set at 5 minutes for videos and 250 characters for text.
  • The media upload limit has increased to 80 MB for videos and 100 megapixels for photos, and up to 1000 files can be sent at a time.


A guide with the best tricks and explanations you need to install and configure the most popular WhatsApp mod properly: Gb WhatsApp mod apk Gb WhatsApp mod apk Tricks: Best Tips for WhatsApp Mod WhatsApp is without a doubt the king of instant messaging.

Despite the emergence of new alternatives for sending messages and sharing photos and videos, such as Telegram or Signal, and the efforts of such old acquaintances as LINE, WeChat, or Facebook Messenger, no one can compare with the chat service created in 2009 by Brian Acton and Ian. Kum.

And this is because many of the rivals trying to topple him from the throne are much more advanced, including highly demanded features and characteristics. Regardless, over 1.5 billion users have made it the number one messenger globally: not having WhatsApp practically means alienating society. But what can we do if we want to continue to be present on WhatsApp and take advantage of the much more complete and advanced features?

There is no choice but to resort to so-called WhatsApp mods, modified versions of the official client maintained and developed by Facebook that includes exactly what users want: bigger and better features without giving up on the world’s most popular messaging service.

There are dozens of mods out there, but there is one that stands out in popularity, performance, and features: Gb Whatsapp mod apk is a WhatsApp mod, the best of its kind. Developed by the Official Plus team responsible for other modified clients such as GBWhatsApp, Whatsapp, YouTube, or Instagram Plus, it has become a model for all other mod creators.

And it does precisely what its name suggests: it complements WhatsApp. Among its most important features, it is worth noting the ability to use two phone numbers on the same Android smartphone, install themes to personalize the user interface, improve the security and privacy settings of the application, bypassing the restrictions set by the official developers regarding file size restrictions, not allowing our contacts to see our status or profile photo, etc.

In general, all the functions that we always wanted to use in the official WhatsApp. Of course, the APK of Gb Whatsapp mod apk cannot be downloaded from Google Play because it is unauthorized development by the source code owners. For this reason, downloading, installing, and updating it is not instantaneous and deserves a brief explanation, which we include in this tricks and tips guide.

A small tutorial also aims to teach the user how to properly configure the application to make the most of its functions and resolve any doubts and concerns regarding this mod’s legality and security since no one wants his data exposed or risk banned.

Thus, together we will learn all the necessary tricks to perform processes such as hiding our status “online” or “typing,” backing up our WhatsApp conversations to restore them to Gb WhatsApp mod apk, using two accounts at the same time on the same phone. We analyze all its advantages and disadvantages, comparing it with its main competitors in the Android market. Do not forget to contact us for help if you cannot find an answer to your questions about this mod.



Many people wonder if it is safe to use Gb WhatsApp mod apk. We will try to answer this question by analyzing both the download and installation file and the application’s processing of information and data.

Unfortunately, we cannot confirm that using Gb WhatsApp mod apk is 100% safe.

The APK that we offer to download and install is, yes, safe and free of viruses and malware. We carefully review our website’s files to ensure all downloads are safe, including Gb WhatsApp mod apk.

However, the application’s very nature raises some doubts about its use since the application was developed without the permission of the original owner of the code. And therefore, there are some risks:

  • Lose WhatsApp account: Using WhatsApp mods means that Facebook can block your account, forcing you to delete it and use the official client, and this is at best … Facebook has the right to permanently block your account if the terms of use and terms of service violate as it happens when using mods. It is true that massive blocking does not occur regularly and that all these applications have added anti-ban functionality to stay operational. Still, the risk of massive blocking exists and may occur in the future and is real.
  • Message privacy: Gb WhatsApp mod apk uses the WhatsApp Messenger code and infrastructure, but how exactly? It’s almost impossible to know whose hands your conversations fall into, whether they are hosted only on the official WhatsApp Messenger servers, as they claim, or go through other servers that have nothing to do with Facebook and are controlled by the creators of these mods or other people interested in our data. Even when using the official app, you cannot have a 100% guarantee of your messages’ integrity. By agreeing to its installation and use, you also agree to the use and purpose that WhatsApp Messenger gives to your data, in addition to ensuring that messages are encrypted. Just remember that Facebook is an American company,
  • Message integrity: If you are worried about storing and backing up messages, you must be very careful. WhatsApp Messenger uses a dual backup system that stores copies on the mobile device’s internal storage and Google Drive. Well, in the case of Gb Whatsapp mod apk and other mods, the Google Drive backup functions don’t work. It means that only a local backup will be available to you. To work with it, you will need a file manager, either on the same phone or by connecting it to a PC, to copy and save the files created by the backup. You will also need to learn how to work with it while using it, either in the same mod, in other mods you decide to try, or even in the official client.

Can I got my backup if i need?

Yes! You can do backup data anytime by clicking on the backup button.

Can I update my GB Whatsapp?

You can Update it anytime is there any update available. You just visit our site for latest update.


We will show you two different ways to reply to a Gb WhatsApp mod apk message and explain how to reply to messages in the messages themselves.

  • To reply to a Gb WhatsApp mod apk, you need to write your message in the conversation. There are several ways to enter that dialog when you get a statement:
  • Open an application by clicking on the icon on the desktop or in the application menu, depending on how you configured this shortcut. Once inside, you will see conversations with new messages at the very top of the list.
  • Click on the notification that appears on the screen as it acts as a shortcut to the same conversation. You can use this method only if you have enabled notifications for Gb WhatsApp mod apk in your operating system settings.
  • Once you’re in front of a conversation, tap the bottom text box on the screen with the text Type a message to open the keyboard. Type your message and click the send button to that text box’s right, the paper airplane icon.
  • Another thing is that you want to respond directly to a specific message in a conversation, group, or personal. In this case, all you have to do is reply to another person’s comment, showing both the original text and our reply.

In Gb WhatsApp mod apk, you can do this very simply, just like in the original app: by sliding the message to the right. It will automatically open the keyboard for you to write your reply, first pasting the original message you are linking to. You can also reply to your messages by making the same move.

If this trick doesn’t work, tap and hold the message you want to reply to for a few seconds. A toolbar with icons will appear at the top, among which we will find Reply, and we can do the same: print our message, and it will display after the message that we use as a link.

As you can see, there are many ways to reply to a message in a mod; use the method that is most convenient and functional for you.


It is impossible to know 100% who is using Whatsapp mod apk instead of regular WhatsApp. All you can do is pay attention to various signs, but you can never be sure of this without recognizing your interlocutor. In any case, as we mentioned above, there are certain signs that you can look out for:

if the person you are communicating with never shows his status in conversations, something is wrong there. One of the features of the GB WhatsApp mod apk old version is that it allows you to hide this information. Therefore, if you are chatting with someone, but he never appears online, this may be the first sign that he using a mod like this.

Last Connection Time: Another feature of Whatsapp mod apk is that it allows you to hide the previous connection time. If the field is empty while checking this information, this is the second indication that he is probably using a mod.

GB WhatsApp Requirement:

NameGBWhatsapp Mod Apk
Android Required4.2+
Last UpdatedOne day ago


Replies without a double blue checkmark: When you send a Gb WhatsApp mod apk message, and your contact reads it, a double blue checkmark appears.

If you see that your interlocutor is responding during a conversation, but the messages you send do not have a double blue checkmark, you have a third sign that this person is using a GB WhatsApp mod apk anti-ban. If that double blue checkmark only appears when he answers you, there is more reason to suspect since this feature was recently added to Whatsapp mod apk.

Invisible Emoticons: All mods offer many additional emoticons that are not available in the official version. If they are sending emojis, but you cannot see them on the mobile phone screen because a small frame appears with a question mark inside, you may also have doubts, perhaps he is using Whatsapp mod apk or another mod, and only if you are using it too, you can see this content.

Download GB WhatsApp Mod APK (Direct Link)

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