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Ji WhatsApp mod apk is the application that we use every day; well, it is the most widespread and famous globally. Although they have already created several applications, the competition is still number one among the users who use the Internet to communicate.

But despite its fame, WhatsApp Messenger has several shortcomings and does not 100% satisfy its audience’s needs, so mods are born that allows us to add new features to our original application.

Since WhatsApp is one of the most downloaded and used apps around the world, it also has many additional developments aimed at expanding the functions of this instant messaging app, which honestly has no rivals: Telegram, LINE, Signal, Kik .. . may be prevalent in certain places, but they can’t match WhatsApp, which has over a billion active users globally. Facebook Messenger is the only app that can get into a fight, but since Facebook owns both, everything remains in the family.

Download JI or JT WhatsApp Mod APK (Direct Link)



Among the various modes available for this application, we have to point to Ji WhatsApp mod apk, which was developed based on the original application, but with functions that provide it with new possibilities and extend some existing options.

2 WhatsApp accounts on one device, plus other additional features.

And now that you know what it is, we will tell you what you can find in this development, which divides into several groups:

Use two WhatsApp accounts at the same time from one application.

Options that improve your privacy: you can hide your online status, hide two blue checkmarks, set a password to access chats, hide what you are writing or recording a message …

Sharing documents and media files: Send documents in PDF, TXT, or DOC format up to 50MB in size, share your location with one click, share contacts much easier …

Customizable user interface with improved camera access, customizable fonts, new menus for finding contacts …

This development had several popular versions, such as 5.90 or 6, but the latter became obsolete with more recent versions. Remember that to install this application, you will have to uninstall WhatsApp (it is recommends to back up your conversations if you do not want to lose them). And don’t worry, it has anti-banning protection, so you won’t ban using this modified version.

In short, by downloading Ji whatsapp mod apk, we will get the APK of one of the best WhatsApp mods in existence to improve the functions and capabilities of our beloved messenger and messaging app. However, it is essential to have an updated Ji whatsapp mod apk to access the latest news included in the official basic version, so we recommend visiting Malavida regularly to download the most recent version of WhatsApp GB.

JI WHATSAPP MOD Requirement?

NameJI or JT WhatsAPP Mod APK
Size48.9 MB
Last UpdateOne Day Ago


Mod WhatsApp is an extension that is uses to improve the software that the courier service offers us. These are utterly foreign to the company. However, they are handy and are gaining more and more recognition as they are new features that improve WhatsApp’s functionality.

The original app, despite its updates, did not integrate all of these features that are integrates when using the mod. It has become widespread for many users to use apk from third-party developers to improve and extend all the functions that are already included in the original application.

The purpose of this apk is to create a WhatsApp account similar to other messaging software such as LINE, which has extensions that can be installed to extend all of its functions, known as pinned applications; in LINE, these applications allow us to add new themes, games, emojis in their original interface.

But as the saying goes, it’s beautiful to be perfect, and that’s because while we might like these extensions a lot, we have to use them very carefully. WhatsApp is not open-source software. Therefore, each of these MODs is considered a violation of the terms we accept when installing WhatsApp.

Download JI or JT WhatsApp Mod APK (Direct Link)

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