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As you might guess from the name alone, the MIX WHATSAPP MOD APK version has some additional features that are not present in the basic messenger package or are not so pronounced; this application is third-party and is being gradually updated. Attention! Based on the fact that WhatsApp Plus is a third-party WhatsApp application, you must remember that you yourself are responsible for its consequences when installing it on your device.

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Mix WhatsApp mod apk is a free application originally developed for mobile systems of the iOS family. A little later, it was focused on all other operating systems. Its purpose is to enable users to exchange instant text messages, calls, and files. But how does this differ from ordinary voice communication or SMS?

The fact is that for this, the program uses only the mobile Internet and not the balance of the SIM card. For example, if an ordinary SMS costs, say, 2 rubles, then a text message of the same size sent via Mix Whatsapp mod apk will cost a few kopecks, since the cost is calculated not upon sending, but based on its size in kilobytes. Simply put, its cost is much lower. But to analyze the question of what “Whatsapp” is, other functions and their advantages should be mentioned.

For example, voice calls are charged according to the same principle, and a call to a person located on the other side of a city or continent will be the same cost. Naturally, provided that he also uses this program. Also “WhatsApp” allows you to send various files, for example, photos, videos, documents, and exchange voice messages. And all this is much cheaper than using conventional mobile communications. So now we know what WhatsApp is. Where can you get this great app?

The latest version of WhatsApp Plus for Android is version 6.20 at the time of this writing; mix WhatsApp mod apk Plus updates are periodically released, the relevance of the version and the ability to update it can be viewed and implemented in the application settings.

Important! When installing Whatsapp plus 2020, the latest version, you will be able to install two WhatsApp on one phone while saving chat messages; if you have two SIM cards on your device, you can use one number on the official WhatsApp Messenger and on the second WhatsApp Plus number or in another way its name is GBWhatsApp.

If you have one SIM card installed, then in order to install the second WhatsApp, you will need a phone with an active number, only for an SMS code.

Step 1: Download Whatsapp Plus APK for Samsung or any Android smartphone or tablet from here:


Step 2: Now you have to backup your conversations so as not to lose them; when you install WhatsApp plus apk, open WhatsApp on your phone, go to Settings – Chats – Backup. Click on the backup chats button and wait for the backup to complete, do not forget to link the google drive in the settings below;


Downloading and installing instant messengers is as easy as shelling pears. The developers of both applications made sure that it was as easy as possible to start using the program.

Both Viber and WhatsApp are linked to a mobile phone number. Moreover, their installation does not require any complicated and lengthy procedure, filling out a large registration form, etc. It’s simple – download, install, enter your number and use it! In addition, your contacts automatically appear in the messenger’s address book. You do not need to search for anyone and add to your “friends.” Again a draw.


Let’s continue comparing the two messengers. This time, let’s talk about which interface is better: Viber or WhatsApp?

It seems to us that both applications are very convenient to use. It may be a little easier to manage WhatsApp.

You get used to each “chat room” pretty quickly. Their interfaces are similar in many ways. They are intuitive and do not require wading through the clutter of submenus and different tabs.

Well, the design is a subjective parameter. Some users prefer the vibrant purple color of vibe, while supporters of a laconic design are more likely to choose WhatsApp.

So here we have equality.


Functionally, both messengers are again very similar. Through these applications, you can:

  • Send photos, videos, text (sharing GIFs, stickers, and emoticons) or voice messages, documents, etc.
  • Communicate in single and group chats.
  • Share your location.
  • Make audio calls.
  • Make video calls (although WhatsApp did not have such a function before).
  • Delete messages, including on the recipient’s device. Of course, we are talking about our own messages.
  • View public accounts and more. Dr.

For reference! Both Viber and WhatsApp have a desktop version. So you can use both messengers on a PC or laptop.


The Viber and WhatsApp apps share a large number of similar features, capabilities, and tools. You can list them for a long time.

With the appearance of mobile phones on the market, a term such as “SMS-sit” appeared, which means – to correspond with the help of instant text messages. However, today this pleasure has grown significantly in price, and it has been overshadowed by various programs for communicating over the Internet. Developers from the studio WhatsApp Inc. decided to return SMS-cam to its former glory, and for this purpose, an interesting WhatsApp application for Android appeared.

Whatsapp is a mobile messaging application. In Runet, it is customary to call this messenger “Mix Whatsapp mod apk” and even “Mix Whatsapp mod apk.” Convenient in that it allows you to “sort of” send SMS, but for free. In other words, the mobile application allows you to significantly save on communication through messages, as it is a less expensive alternative to standard SMS and MMS. The fact is that this messenger uses an Internet connection to transfer messages: 4G / 3G / 2G / EDGE or WiFi. Due to their low weight, forwarded messages use only a tiny fraction of Internet traffic. In addition, the WhatsApp application for Android has a number of other advantages, which will be discussed later.

WhatsApp functionality is available for phones and smartphones on the following platforms: Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, and Nokia. In fact, here, it is not far from the well-known Viber and is also a cross-platform messenger.

MIX WhatsApp Mod Apk Requirement?

Name Mix WhatsApp Mod Apk
Size42.6 MB
Last UpdateOne Day Ago


A lot has been said about the application, but if you summarize all the positive WhatsApp reviews about the application, then it is worth expressing why using mix WhatsApp mod apk is beneficial:

If your Internet tariff is large enough (or even better – unlimited), and you adore communicating with other people but do not like social networks;

Suppose you have to often call or write abroad. The benefits from the messenger will be maximized. Using WhatsApp for local calls with high traffic consumption will become irrelevant;

If your tariff includes paid MMS, and the user wants to send photos and videos;

If the tariff does not include minutes for other operators and among friends and acquaintances, such subscribers are the majority.

Download MIX WhatsApp Mod APK (Direct Link)


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