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NO WHATSAPP MOD APK is a Wonderful mobile app from the famous Android corporation that has long and rightfully enjoyed great popularity among users.

The number of programs created for mobile phones from Android is, perhaps, incalculable. And of course, you can download the WhatsApp messenger for android.



As a matter of fact, WhatsApp running on a tablet will practically be no different from WhatsApp running on a smartphone. 

Indeed, in both cases, we are talking about working under the control of one or another mobile operating system:

  • Android OS;
  • OC iOS;
  • OC Microsoft Windows Phone.

In general, NO WHATSAPP MOD APK is available on many platforms. Accordingly, there will be a source of its download. You can download WhatsApp from the Google Play store, iTunes, and the Microsoft mobile app store. 

But in any case, you will find this program for both desktop and mobile systems on the official website. Plus, this messenger is distributed completely free of charge and even immediately in English.


  • The ability to communicate through text correspondence;
  • The ability to call each other for free. Calls can be not only voice but also via video communication;
  • Exchange of files of various formats;
  • And also many other small functions that make the use of this program as convenient and comfortable as possible, even for a beginner.


In terms of its capabilities, WhatsApp for tablet is also not inferior to versions for smartphones. With one exception. Alas, so far WhatsApp on Windows Phone has not learned how to call. However, the developers assure that such an opportunity will appear in the near future.

But in all versions of this program it will be possible to communicate using text messages. On a tablet – due to the large screen size – it will be even more convenient to type texts. If the tablet is equipped with a webcam (and most likely it is), then users will be able not only to call up through voice calls, but also through video communication. Judging by the reviews, it is this function that is most in demand both on WhatsApp for an Android tablet and on other mobile OS for a tablet.

You can also note the ability to communicate in collective chats. Many users create group chats based on their interests and invite their friends and even complete strangers to them. So, to a certain extent, you can compare NO WHATSAPP MOD APK with a social network.

In general, you can strongly recommend downloading and installing WhatsApp on your tablet. Moreover, communication here is completely free. You will only need to pay for the consumed traffic on the Internet. So it makes sense to think about switching to unlimited tariffs, if this has not been done before.

It is also encouraging that NO WHATSAPP MOD APK continues to actively develop. With each new update, everything becomes even faster, more convenient, and safer. So you need to closely monitor all updates and install, if possible, only the most recent versions of the program.

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