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WAppsApkSo, let’s take a look at what it is and how end-to-end encryption works in Whatsapp. No one else, except you and the one with whom you are in correspondence, can access your data, not even WhatsApp itself and its programmers. All data is protected by a unique, individual code.

Security comes first, privacy is the watchword of the last seen WhatsApp mod apk developers. For this, end-to-end encryption was created, which, translated into a simple and understandable language for an ordinary user, means that all your messages, transmitted logify WhatsApp mod apk photos and video recordings, documents, audio calls, and video chats will be completely and unconditionally protected from third parties.




End-to-end encryption in WhatsApp is available in the most recent version of the messenger, so we strongly recommend that you update!

Only you and the recipient have a special key that is needed to transcode your dialogs. All this online radar WhatsApp mod apk operation of encoding and decoding messages occurs automatically, using the algorithms embedded in the application, you do not need to change the parameters, configure anything further, create any private chats to ensure the protection and confidentiality of the messages sent.

Important! If both users are using the latest version, then end-to-end encryption is always enabled. And also one of the features is that it is impossible to disable end-to-end encryption in logify WhatsApp mod apk!

The security code is a part of the general online radar WhatsApp mod apk special key, which does not represent the entire version, the rest is classified. In a word, it is a puzzle that is put together by put-together algorithms.


  • Open the desired last seen WhatsApp mod apk chat;
  • Go to the section Information about the contact by clicking on his name or avatar, directly in the chat itself;
  • Scroll down and select Encryption ;
  • Next, you will be taken to the Confirm Security Code section to view the 60- digit number and QR code,  codes are unique for each of the chats, you can see this if you open another chat and compare it with the previous one, you will notice the difference in numbers, but directly between the two they are the same subscribers of the same chat;
  • Provided that the second interlocutor and you are nearby, then you can scan the QR code, to do this, open this window on both devices, click on Scan the code on one of them and point the camera at the screen of the other gadget, if it matches, you will see a confirmation if you are far from each other, that is, the ability to compare a long code, it will also match;
  • If the code and cipher match, you will see a confirmation in the form of a green checkmark instead of a QR Code on the screen.


In 2016, end-to-end encryption was finally implemented, as security is the foundation of the application. This innovation made it possible to completely secure and prevent the access of hidden chat for WhatsApp mod apk itself and third parties from your correspondence and calls. All functions, even such as Status and Video Call, have end-to-end encryption since hackers do not sleep, information stolen by them can harm the user, and the safety and security of your messages for hidden chat for WhatsApp mod apk developers is the main thing and they took care of it!

Encryption and decryption of chats using WhatsApp occurs exclusively on each device, and not on the messenger’s servers, before the message is sent from the device, it is protected with a crypto-am, the response key to which is available only to the recipient, and this key is changed every time a message is sent. All these actions happen automatically, no third parties will be able to read your messages or listen to your calls, they are always protected by end-to-end encryption. Whether you have enabled this feature or not, this is just a notification!

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