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With each new update, the developers are trying to make many striking additions that would expand the functionality of this software. Bold font in Tools for Whatsapp Mod Apk features has become one of the package additions to writing messages.

With this solution, you can now use various commands to change the appearance of the written letters during correspondence. Such tags will be supported by Whatsapp users on all platforms.


In order to change the appearance of the text itself, you will need to set tags before and after the necessary word or sentence. As symbols from additional keyboard layouts.

This font formatting solution was quickly appreciated by users in many countries. Many found these features to be quite necessary, as in many other applications such as chat. There is no possibility of full or partial editing of the font of the typed message.

As noted above, now, in order to change the fonts in whatsapp , you will need to enter special tags. In total, in the latest update, it became possible to make adjustments and make fonts.


For each of the listed additions, you need to enter your own characters. As a general rule, for all actions, it is necessary to set symbols as before the same after the text. Then, after sending the message, the command will automatically go to the system server, after which the text will be converted into the required format in accordance with the specified tag for it.

Now let’s take a look at exactly which characters need to be set to execute each specific command to convert text.

To get a bold font in tools for whatsapp mod apk features, before starting a chat message, users will need to go to the tab with additional characters on the keyboard and select the asterisk (*) .

After that, without backing down, start entering text. At the end, the sign is put the same symbol that you have chosen. Then the message can be sent and the text written in bold, italic or strikethrough will be visible on the screen, depending on the character that you put at the beginning and end.

If you do not want to put signs in front of a particular word, then tools for whatsapp mod apk features also provides a function for quick text formatting, for this you need to:

  • Select a word or all of the typed text;
  • After selection on Android, icons for bold, italic and strikethrough text will appear on top, and on iphone, after selection, an item labeled BIU;
  • Click on the Font size item to select the font size for chats in WhatsApp, the default is medium.
  • A menu of your choice will open with three items: Small, Medium and Large

From here we conclude that in addition to the font size in tools for whatsapp mod apk features, you can also change the type of writing, namely, choose a font in whatsapp such as: bold, italic and strikethrough.

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