Whatsapp Mod Apk Delete Messages (Latest Update) View of Deleted Messages


Often there are times when you opened a chat in Whatsapp Mod Apk Delete Messages, wrote a message, and only after sending it noticed that you confused the addressee.

Well, either they just changed their minds to send it, or they wrote it with grammatical errors and would like to fix it.

Unfortunately, the official WhatsApp messenger does not have such a function so that you can delete a message, it will be deleted, but unilaterally, i.e. only with you, and the interlocutor will immediately get it. What to do in such situations.



The WhatsApp Plus added a feature that can save you from embarrassing situations when sending erroneous messages.

Attention! It doesn’t matter if the other person is using WhatsApp Plus or regular WhatsApp, the message will still be deleted.

  • In order to recall a message in WhatsApp + or  delete a message in WhatsApp, you must:
  • Open WhatsApp +, as you can see in the photo the message was sent to another user;
  • Go to the chat with the message that you would like to delete;
  • Press and hold on it with your finger;
  • In the additional menu that appears, click on Settings ;
  • Highlight message for feedback in WhatsApp Plus
  • Select Revoke, and confirm by clicking on Revoke;


After that, instead of the message, you will see the inscription You have withdrawn the message, and the interlocutor, instead of your sent message to Whatsapp plus, will have the inscription This message has been deleted;


This is how the screen looks after deleting a message in Whatsapp Plus.

The finished result of the recalled message in WhatsApp Plus

Important!  Recently, this function has become available in the official version, as well as in  WhatsApp + messenger, which you can download by going to the main menu on the WhatsApp + link, where you will also find detailed instructions for installing on Android.

So, as you can see, a much-needed feature that is missing in the official version of WhatsApp is present in WhatsApp Plus Messenger. Now you don’t have to worry about how to delete a message on WhatsApp. The message will be deleted not only from your correspondence but also from your interlocutor and it will be impossible to restore it.


In a word, it is not surprising that this particular program is today considered the number one among the huge variety of instant Whatsapp Mod Apk Delete Messages.

Among the curious additional features can also be noted the function of flexible notification settings. If you do not want the interlocutor to know that his message has been read, you can simply prevent the messenger from sending him a notification about this. True, in this case, you yourself will not be able to receive such notifications from him

You can also set the Do Not Disturb status for a specific contact or group chat. In this case, it is even possible to determine for what period of time the “ignore” is set. After all, Whatsapp is known precisely for the fact that it works almost constantly in the background, but this is far from always convenient and sometimes distracting

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