Whatsapp Mod Apk Hide Online Status Tips & Tricks


In a word, Whatsapp Mod Apk hides online status for iPhone is a wonderful application from all sides that will allow you to be in touch with your family, acquaintances, and friends all the time, from anywhere in the world.

Calling, of course, is only possible if they also have WhatsApp installed. An important factor is the availability of a good Internet connection. But the call quality is so excellent that it is recommended that they install WhatsApp on their iPhones as soon as possible.

The company takes security issues extremely seriously. The security protocols implemented here allow you to reliably encrypt all user data and correspondence.



Important! And much more, in more detail you can familiarize yourself with other important functions and settings in WhatsApp by going to the FAQ section in the main menu of the site.

It is noteworthy that here you can assign your own wallpaper for each chat. First, in this way you can create the necessary mood for communication.

Secondly, it will allow you not to confuse one or another chat in the event that there are many chats on the device. Finally, it’s simple – very beautiful.

But, as they say, WhatsApp would not be WhatsApp if it only allowed text messages . This today will not surprise anyone. The fact is that this messenger also allows you to make both voice and video calls to your friends.

Unlike the Android version, the range of possibilities is slightly narrowed on IOS, but there is always a way out. It is worth noting such an opportunity as setting a password in WhatsApp using third-party applications.


Go to the PlayStore;

In the search, enter WhatsApp or Whatsapp Mod Apk hide online status, or  Whatsapp Mod Apk Hide online status ,  or Whatsapp, in any case you will be taken to the main page;

  • Click download , confirm with a password or Touch Id, after downloading the application will be automatically installed on your iPhone;
  • Run the application;
  • At the first start, the program will ask you to give access to contacts, click ” Allow “;
  • It will also ask you for permission to send notifications, also allow;
  • Click on Accept and Continue ;
  • Next, you will need to register using your phone number;
  • Enter the phone number, make sure the number is entered correctly and wait for the automatic code entry from the SMS, if this did not happen, check if you entered the phone number correctly and resend the request;

Among the many advantages of this application, one can note, for example, its complete freeness. WhatsApp is very easy to learn. It is not overloaded, unlike many other messengers , with cumbersome advanced settings. But at the same time, it allows itself to be configured quite flexibly.

Go to the AppStore digital distribution store. Here you will need to register, however, downloading and installing in this case is as fast and simple as possible.



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