Whatsapp Mod Apk No Verification With Anti Ban


WHATSAPP MOD APK NO VERIFICATION is gaining popularity, devices based on it are in very good demand. The number of programs for it is also growing. Including, you can download WhatsApp for Windows background

Installing WhatsApp for Windows phones is no more difficult than any other program for this OS. As a matter of fact, the user does not need to perform any special actions. Everything here is done for its convenience.



The process of registering a new user in Whatsapp for windows background looks traditional for many messengers. First, you need to enter the mobile phone number on which the program is installed. In the latest versions, even this will not have to be done. 

The smartphone immediately receives an SMS with a numeric code. This code will need to be entered in the specially designated text field. If the received code and the entered one match, the application will ask if you need to synchronize with the address book of the phone itself. If the answer is yes, then WhatsApp will transfer all users from the phone to its contact list. If some user already has WhatsApp installed, then the program logo will be visible next to this name.

You can download whatsapp on Windows phone in order to be able to communicate with your friends and family online using text messaging. You can also exchange very large files.

Moreover, all this is available completely free of charge. In any case, you will only need to pay for incoming and outgoing traffic.

In Whatsapp Mod Apk no verification very serious about information security issues. This is especially evident in the latest updates of the program. So users can be calm about hacking their account here and even unauthorized wiretapping.


  • The maximum file transfer size has been increased to 30 MB, in contrast to the official version of 16 MB;
  • Added new themes. Moreover, you can share these themes with your friends, there is a very choice of themes;
  • In the WhatsApp Plus application, it is possible to extend the call up to one hour, unlike the official application, the call duration is 30 minutes;
  • Send music via whatsapp plus and other types of files;
  • Hide profile picture;
  • Search for an emoticon by its name;
  • Search for an emoticon by name in WhatsApp Plus
  • Change security settings, in WhatsApp plus it is possible to set a password for the application itself or for a separate chat or group, or login by password or fingerprint (if Touch ID supports your device);
  • For example, with the help of Whatsapp Mod Apk no verification, you can hide your online status. This will be very useful if you want to hide from prying eyes. In the basic version, this cannot be done.
  • You can set the status ” Always online ” – regardless of your actual status on the Web. You can also set control over the checkboxes and the moment when you type, in the photo below you can see what parameters there are for setting.

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