Whatsapp Mod Apk See Deleted Messages


In a recent update, the Whatsapp Mod Apk See Deleted Messages developers added the ability to block access to the application using Face ID or Touch ID. Applies to devices that have this feature.

In other words, this is a kind of password for the application, to unlock which you have to put your finger or identify your face, just like with the usual unlocking of your gadget.

This is done for those cases if, for example, you unlocked the phone, left it and went somewhere, anyone who wants to read your correspondence in WhatsApp will have to attach a fingerprint or scan a face.


Let’s see how to enable this desired feature – screen lock in Whatsapp Mod Apk See Deleted Messages:

Open the application, go to Settings – Account

Go to the Confidentiality section

Scroll to the very bottom and select Screen Lock

We click on the switch to activate the function, select the time interval when you would like to activate the lock, if you set it Immediately, then when you minimize the application and reopen it, the application will immediately ask you to unlock it.

Attention! You still have the opportunity to respond to messages from notifications, as well as receive calls, without the need to unblock, even if WhatsApp is blocked.


In the WhatsApp 2.17.60 update for iPhone, a function has appeared to search for messages inside the WhatsApp chat. 

It often happens that you need to find a certain phrase inside the chat, you had to flip through, remember the date when you wrote this or that message.

Now you can easily find all the matches in a particular chat using the newly introduced function, which was sometimes lacking, you had to use the built-in search on your smartphone. To search for a message or word in a chat or group, you must:

  • Open the Chats tab;
  • Select a correspondence with a contact or group in which you want to search for a message inside the chat in Whatsapp Mod Apk See Deleted Messages;
  • Go to the selected chat, click on the chat name at the top to open the contact or group details;
  • Go to the item Search in chat;
  • An input line will appear at the top of the chat to search for a message;
  • Type the desired phrase, if there is a match, the word will be highlighted in yellow, below, above the keyboard, a control panel will appear, where by clicking on the up or down arrows you can scroll through all the matches to find the one you need and see the number of matches, thereby finding the message in the chat in whatsapp mod apk show deleted messages…

Now you will spend a couple of seconds wondering how to find a word in a chat in Whatsapp Mod Apk See Deleted Messages. 

A trifle, but nice, I think many were waiting for such a function, of course, the iPhone has a built-in search function for all chats and applications, but when there is a search in a specific chat, this greatly simplifies and makes it possible to find a message in a whatsapp.

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