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For various obvious reasons, the user, in some situations, Whatsapp Mod Apk Without Verification has a keen desire to add a particular subscriber to the “emergency” (black list ). In other words, block it.

Restrict receiving information – when was the last time the user was in the application, is he now online, receive notifications about changes in the profile, exchange SMS messages, and calls. 

Naturally, in such a situation, a logical question arises of how to block a contact in Whatsapp Mod Apk Without Verification completely and irrevocably. We will answer this and other questions related to this topic.



Important! If after some time the opposite desire arises – that is, you want to resume relations with the banned subscriber, you must remember that the addressee will not receive all SMS messages, photo or video materials sent to them during their stay in the “emergency”.


The answer to the question of how to block a contact in WhatsApp or how to blacklist a contact in WhatsApp is the following step-by-step plan:

We launch the messenger on our own mobile device.

  • In the program menu, select the ” Settings ” section and click on this option.
  • From this tab, go to ” Account ” by selecting and activating the appropriate function. Here we select the ” Privacy” column  and click on it.
  • A list of “victims” will appear immediately, or a blank page if no one has been added to this category yet.
  • To block the user, we activate the icon depicting a small bust of a man with a small plus sign located in the upper right corner of the software interface.
  • From the appeared phone book, select the profile to be blocked. The final stage – click the ” Finish ” option . Everything, the selected person will no longer be able to receive information about the user as well as communicate with him through SMS messages or conversations on a mobile device.
  • For the reverse action, you must click on the contact in the list, in the menu that appears, select Unblock.
  • Or open a chat with a contact, click on his name, scroll down and click on unblock.
  • Blocking a subscriber whose number is not included in the contact list is even easier. It is necessary to open a dialogue (chat) with an unknown person, and then activate the ” Block” function . 

Thus, the user gets the opportunity to inform the administration about spam when any message comes from an unknown subscriber, which will block the contact.


So how to blacklist a contact in WhatsApp on iPhone, the answer is below: 

  • Click on the contact we are interested in.
  • Click on his name at the top.
  • Scroll down.
  • You will see the Block item
  • By clicking on it, a message will appear about how you want: just Block the contact or mark it as Spam, select the first one.

To view the entire list of blocked subscribers, do the following:

  • In the main menu of the application, go to Settings , then to geryn Account ;
  • Go to the Privacy tab ;For the reverse action, you must click on Unblock in the contact settings

In the settings that open, you can unblock all contacts that you previously added to the blacklist at once by clicking on Edit in the upper right corner, or Add a new one from the address book.

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